Dry Bags

         Mini – Perfectly formed with just enough room for your essentials.

         5 litre – Room for all your essentials plus a shirt OR water bottle.

        10 Litre – Essentials,shirt AND water bottle.

        15 Litre – Load it up – Essentials, clothing, food and water.

        20 Litre – The ‘Room for Everything’ Dry Tube.


Dry Tube Mini
Dry Tube 10Dry Tube 20Dry Tube 5Dry Tube 15

High Frequency Welding Seam Construction

To create a closure that will stop water ingress caused by accidental or quick submersion, simply align the two fabric seal strips together and fold tightly a minimum of three times towards the back of the bag. Then clip the buckles to lock the waterproof seal. And for a greater peace of mind, our Tri Fold Dry Closure not only stops water, dust, snow and mud – it’s also a great deterrent against unwanted hands.