Australian Hydrographic Service

AUS Series Charts              $35.00

BA Charts

New Zealand Hydrographic Service  

BA 5011

Symbols and Abbreviations       $57.50

This is a key to the symbols and abbreviations used on Admiralty and Australian Hydrographic Office and other paper nautical charts. A handy guide for navigators unsure of what a symbol means, and necessary for students studying for a career in the marine sector. PB 70 pages

Portland Plotter

Provides a quick method of plotting courses and bearings and gives a direct reading of corrections for magnetic variation. No need to walk the chart to the compass rose, reducing error.



Parallel Rule

Weems and Plath parallel rule with full 180 degree protractor markings. Length 380mm.

Plain or Bow Dividers

175 or 200 mm



Pencil Compass

7” brass pencil compass with stainless steel point